Our Story

Step into the heart of our regenerative wool farm, where the echoes of our land's heritage resonate with renewed vibrancy. Situated among the tranquil countryside, our farm's commitment extends beyond sustainability, forging a dedicated path to rekindling the timeless legacy of our homestead. Within our pastures, a symphony of history and nature unfolds.

As you explore our sanctuary, you'll encounter our free-range chickens, moving with a sense of freedom. Their presence alongside the merino sheep tells a story of interconnectedness—a story that weaves the tapestry of our farm's past, present, and future.

Guided by our unique journey, we have meticulously orchestrated every facet of our farm's revival. Our roots as seasoned shepherds, hailing from a family sheep farm in Ireland, have equipped us with the insights needed to honor this heritage. Adrian, whose connection to farming runs deep and brings a wealth of experience. Melanie, whose lineage has graced this land for generations, infuses her profound understanding of the farm's essence into every endeavor.

The transformation is evident in every corner. The historic stone house, once weathered by time, has been lovingly restored to its former glory. The boat house and farm barns, now hum with renewed purpose. As the merino sheep graze these fertile pastures, their presence not only rejuvenates the land but also rekindles a sense of purpose within us all.

We invite you to be a part of our journey - a true farm experience that breathes fresh air. Whether you seek solace in the embrace of nature or yearn to witness the captivating regenerative practices, our farm welcomes you with open arms. Join us, and together, we shall honor the spirit of regeneration, weaving a tapestry of heritage, sustainability, and flourishing life.

The Sheep

Welcome to the heart of our merino flock—a testament to dedicated breeding for superior wool quality, all while embracing the principles of regenerative farming and sustainability. At the core of our philosophy is the belief that farming and the environment should coexist in harmony. Through meticulous selection of the finest genetics and nurturing our flock on diverse pastures, we have achieved a remarkable feat: producing wool of excellence while treading gently on the earth.

We are resolute in our mission to minimize our carbon footprint. With each season, our efforts contribute to the regeneration of the soil. Each cycle of growth and renewal is woven into every fiber of our merino wool.

The reach of our merino wool extends far beyond our pastures. Our merino wool is used in a wide range of products, from high-end fashion to outdoor gear, and we take great pride in knowing that each and every item is made using sustainable, regenerative farming practices.

The Chicken Flock

Our farm is also home to a thriving chicken flock that plays an important role in our regenerative farming practices. We believe that grazing chickens alongside our merino sheep is essential to maintaining a healthy, diverse ecosystem.

Chickens are natural foragers and help to keep the pasture healthy by eating insects, weeds, and other unwanted vegetation. They also break up manure from the sheep, spreading it more evenly across the land and enriching the soil with essential nutrients. Grazing chickens alongside our sheep also helps to prevent the spread of parasites and diseases, as they feed on insects that can transmit these harmful organisms.

Our chicken flock is free-range and pasture-raised, which ensures that they have access to fresh grass and insects, leading to healthier birds and more nutritious eggs. By integrating chickens into our regenerative farming practices, we are able to create a more sustainable and resilient ecosystem that benefits both the animals and the land.