Engaging Education at a Merino Wool Sheep Farm

Join us in the enchanting setting of an organically run Merino wool sheep farm. Here at Fern Hall, weve collaborated with our founding parents to create an immersive, two-day educational program. Designed for children aged 6-13, our co-op blends education, fun, and growth in a unique setting.

Multidisciplinary, Nature-Based Continuous Projects:

Our students experience the intersections of math, history, science, art, and technology through long-term, relevant projects.

Collaborative Work and Peer Mentoring:

Our program fosters deeper relationships among students of all ages. Under teacher guidance, they work together and learn from each other, becoming experts in various topics.

Subject Matter Expert Exposure:

We believe in fuelling the fire of curiosity in our students. To this end, we bring in experts passionate about their field of study, covering various scientific, technological, and trade topics.

Our dedicated Co-Op leader for the year is Michael Healey, with forty years experience in education. Melanie Balfour will be coordinating farm activities and weekly expert presentations.

We meet Tuesdays and Wednesdays each week. Tuition for students will be $250 per month with a 10% discount for the second child and 15% for the third.

Some of Our Project Work Includes:


Childrens garden

The project culminates with students building their own farm stand to display and share the fruits of their hard work.


Makeblock Bot and Maze building

The professional software developer ensures a real-life insight into the world of coding.


Creative Writing

Students are encouraged through great literature and fun exercises to express themselves freely and creatively through writing1

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Art exploration

Children are introduced to various art forms, techniques, and artists, fostering their creativity


Melscience kits

Leveraging Melscience kits, students participate in safe and exciting scientific experiments. They explore various scientific concepts, fostering their curiosity and understanding of the world.


Rugby skills (Fall)

JP Smith from the Seattle Seawolves introduces the basics of Rugby, enhancing students teamwork, strategic thinking, and physical fitness.

Next steps? Plan of visiting our open house Aug 27th, 2PM and / or email

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Schoolwill begin on: Date 9/19/23

Time: 9am-3PM, Drop Off from 8:30, Pick up by 3:30

Place: Fern Hall Estate

Scheduled classes will be on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The initial parent meeting and open house will be held on:

Date: Sunday Aug 27th, Time: 2pm

Place: Fern Hall Estate, 2819 State Route 247, Clifford Township, PA 18407

We do not follow a traditional school district schedule for snow days. Instead, we determine whether to hold classes based on road safety. If the roads are safe for travel, we will hold classes. We aim to provide as much notice as possible if we need to close due to weather conditions.

If a student misses a class, they have the option to contact their teacher to discuss how to catch up on what they missed. We value flexibility and understand that absences may sometimes be unavoidable.

Homework is not a requirement in our program. However, depending on ongoing projects and the individual students interest, they may wish to continue their research or work at home. We encourage students to invest age-appropriate attention and effort into their projects, but there are no penalties for incomplete assignments. Weekly communication between parents and teachers will ensure parents understand what students are working on and any optional home assignments.

We do not utilize traditional grading methods. Instead, we collaborate with students to acknowledge their strengths and identify areas for growth. Our focus is on encouraging development and celebrating success rather than assigning numerical grades.

We do not have a formal discipline policy. We believe in addressing each situation individually, with teachers maintaining open communication with parents. Our goal is to work together to find the best solution for each child when issues arise.

We currently do not have a formal sick policy. We ask that if your child is ill, you keep them at home to recover and prevent the spread of illness. Our focus is on maintaining a healthy learning environment for all students.